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Below you will find frequently asked questions when ordering products from the Rutgers webshop. Do you need help with your order? Please, send an e-mail to


Ordering & Delivery


How quickly will an order be processed?

We ship orders out within three business days.


What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is 5 business days, provided the chosen item is in stock.


I have placed an order, but I do not know if it has come through.

After you have placed your order, you will receive a confirmation email within few minutes. If you have not received it, something went wrong with the order and you must place the order again.


What does subsequent delivery mean?

If you have ordered a product that was not in stock, it will be delivered later. The order is placed in a back order. As soon as the product is back in stock, the order will be sent.


Can I only order online?

If you are unable to order online, you can make an order by sending an email to Please, include your name and contact details.


Can I also pick up the order myself?

I’m afraid this is not possible.


Do you also deliver outside the Netherlands?

Yes, our shipping house also delivers outside the Netherlands. The shipping costs will be slightly higher then.


Do you always charge shipping costs?

Yes, we do. These are included together with your order in the shopping cart.


Can I change my order?

You can change your order if the supplier has not yet booked the order. Send an e-mail to If the order has already been booked, you will have to place a new order.




With what methods can I pay?

Payment goes via Ideal or on invoice. Once you have placed an order, you will receive a confirmation email. This contains your ordered items, the amount including shipping costs and the order number. If you have opted for 'on invoice', you pay for the invoice that was sent to the billing address costs € 1,50.


I get a reminder, but have not received an invoice?

You can request a copy of the invoice via


Has the invoice been paid?

Send an e-mail to if you want to check whether the invoice has been paid (by your organization).


Cancelling an order


Can I cancel an order?

You can cancel the order by calling 0411-652127 or by sending an e-mail to If the order has not yet been sent, it can be removed from the system. If the order has been sent, you can return it. Send the order with an accompanying letter with your name and reason for the return, to the address below:


Shipping House Rutgers

Ladonkseweg 9

5281 RN Boxtel




Can I return my order?

If your order is not correct or if wrong materials have been sent to you, you can return your order.  Please, send the materials with an accompanying letter with your name and the reason for return, to the address below:


Shipping house Rutgers

Free post 16037





You can report your complaint via 030- 231 34 31, e-mail, or in writing to the Board of Directors of Rutgers.



C.o. Board of Directors

Arthur van Schendelstraat 696

3511 MJ Utrecht


Once your complaint has been received, we will send confirmation of receipt within a week. Also read our Complaints Procedure.




I forgot my password.

At the log-in screen you will find the 'password forgotten button'. If you enter your e-mail address, you will receive a new password by e-mail.


Other questions


My question was not included in the FAQ list, what should I do?

Please, send an e-mail with your question to