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Is your project 100% Gender Proof?

Milleke de Neef & Paulien van Haastrecht

Sex plays a role in almost everyone’s life. Not everyone however, shares the same thoughts, desires and ideas about seks. People are different and so are their sexual interests. A 16 year-old girl has different desires and ideas than a homosexuel aged 28.

Sometimes, projects may fail to be effective since certain gender aspects are being ignored. How do we get an eye for gender in for instance HIV-prevention projects targeting ethnic minorities in the Netherlands? In the book ‘Is your Project 100% Gender Proof?' various methods and techniques are presented that discuss gender within sexual health projects.

Also available in Dutch.

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Jaartal: 2009
Taal: english
Pagina's: 86
Fotografie: Leonie van de Mortel
Uitgever: Rutgers