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Love is all around

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prijs € 19,95

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A carousel game with the help of which students in their final years at secondary school, learn how to talk about norms and values regarding relationships and sexuality.

Imagine you want to have sex with your partner, but your partner doesn't want to (yet). What do you do? While you are chatting online, someone you don't know asks you if you want to date. How do you react?

Talking about norms and values regarding relationships and sexuality is not easy, but it will be exciting and (good) fun playing this game! A pack of 180 small cards contains a diversity of questions, subdivided into topics such as empowerment, sexual orientation and communication.


  • 180 small cards
  • Manual with rules of the game, suggestions how to monitor the game and game variations

Explanation of the game:

This game helps young people from the age of 15 years upwards how to overcome their shyness to talk about relationships and sexuality. They learn how to share their opinions with their peers in the safe surrounding of a group (maximum of 30 persons). Thus, they become aware that there are different (sets of) norms and values, that may either be personally or culturally determined. The game also pays attention to sexual rights worldwide.

The questions fall within the following categories: communication about sexuality and relationships, roles of men/women, relationships, sexuality, sexual orientation, safe sex, reproduction, empowerment, self-image and the future. It takes 50 minutes to play the game and may be used as a stepping stone to a supervised group discussion.

The game is also available in Dutch. Title is: ‘Rond je seksualiteit’.

prijs € 19,95



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